To Share A Sunset

To Share a Sunset
To Share a Sunset

To Share A Sunset

The Wastelander
Although he was nothing but an outlaw, he was Tallia’s only hope of crossing the perilous desert to reach her home. He was arrogant and rough mannered, yet in his piercing eyes she saw past sorrows he refused to share – and a smoldering desire that both frightened and fascinated her.

The Healer
She was sheltered and refined, a gentle beauty who had no place with a man bent on revenge. Yet Tynan senses a mysterious strength deep within Tallia – a strength that would be severely tested as her true identity was revealed and she was called upon to prove her love for the wastelander who had stolen her heart.

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Sharice Kendyl scribes a fast-paced sword and sorcery romance filled with numerous exciting characters. Readers will simply adore Tallia while empathizing with Tynan. To Share A Sunset could equally sell as a fantasy or romance novel because fans of both would truly enjoy this tale.
……Affaire de Coeur

To Share A Sunset evolves like a legend or colorful myth as Sharice Kendyl spins her charming New-Age romance. Ms. Kendyl takes the essence of a Western and matches this with mystical elements. Historical romance readers will enjoy To Share A Sunset.
……Romantic Times

I can highly recommend Sharice Kendyl’s To Share A Sunset. Ms. Kendyl’s readers are in for a treat.
……The Book Rack


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