In Destiny’s Arms

In Destiny's Arms
In Destiny’s Arms

On a desperate quest to locate her missing brother, Sergeant Cadence Barrington crash-landed almost 2000 miles from her destination—and over five hundred years in the past! The Stellar Legionnaire expected to find the remains of a lost civilization on the colony world of Fortuna. Instead she found herself confronting a hard-bodied warrior who was anything but an ancient relic. Tall, muscular, and mysterious, he was the most desirable specimen of manhood Cadence had ever beheld—perfect in every way, except for the weapon he was aiming at her.

Kami warrior, Gildon, was tasked with the protection of his people. He was certain that the woman before him was one of those whose arrival had been foretold. But the prophecy foretold the arrival of TWO women: One whose arrival would lead to the destruction of his people, and one who would provide the means to fight the devastation coming their way. How was he to know which of the women Cadence was?

Trapped in another time and place, Cadence would have to use all her training to find her brother, and all her feminine wiles to convince the virile stranger that they belonged together. . . IN DESTINY’S ARMS.

This book is available in both paperback and eBook formats.
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Christine Michels is adept at weaving elements of fantasy, science fiction and romance! Her stories are mesmerizing and always fun to read!
……The Literary Times

In Destiny’s Arms is a compelling romance. This is a thinking person’s novel with a network of twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages in awe and wonder. Christine Michels is an inspired storyteller, and her work is intriguing and insightful.
……I’ll Take Romance

In Destiny’s Arms is a fantastic blend of romance, time travel and science fiction.
……Romantic Notions

This is a superb time-travel adventure! Christine Michels weaves a fantastic tale with many convoluted twists and turns, full of mind boggling characters possessing powers about which we can only fantasize.

In Destiny’s Arms is a wonderful and different combination of paranormal, futuristic and time-travel romance. This is a story that shouldn’t be missed!
……The Paperback Forum


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