Ascent to the Stars

Ascent to the Stars
Ascent to the Stars

A talented young actress, Coventry Pearce had played more roles than she could remember. But none had prepared her for the part of a real-life heroine wrapped up in a daring rescue mission – and caught in the delicious embrace of a tempting stranger.

For Trace, the assignment should have been simple. Any Thadonian warrior could take a helpless female to safety in exchange for valuable information against his diabolical enemies. But as fiery as a supernova, as radiant as a sun, Coventry was no mere woman. Even as he raced across the galaxy to save his doomed world, Trace battled to deny a burning desire that would take him to the heavens and beyond.

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This book is available in both paperback and eBook format.
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Futuristic Romance gets a big boost with the exciting debut of the highly talented Christine Michels, who whisks us off on a fast-paced romp through the stars.

…..Romantic Times

Christine Michels is a very welcome new talent to the sub-genre of futuristic romance. In Ascent to the Stars, she skillfully blends a totally realistic alien society with a beautiful believable romance that mixes into a superb novel. (5 Stars)
……Affaire de Coeur

This is an excellently written futuristic story which shows much creative imagination. Hopefully, we will never have to face the situations Coventry and Trace do, because Ms. Michels makes them so real, it’s scary. This one is a must!

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