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Award-winning author, Christine Michels (née Catudal) began her story telling at a young age by weaving elaborate tales around any minor event she witnessed (such as a minor fender bender) and relating the newly-imagined and, of course, now near-catastrophic event as truth. Her parents soon made it clear that such stories—even compelling ones—weren’t acceptable, however, and tried to channel Christine’s creativity into other hobbies with varying degrees of success. Realizing that Christine needed a more appropriate release for her creative imaginings, Christine’s mother, an avid reader herself, provided her with pen and paper.

A chronic daydreamer with a vivid imagination, Christine wrote her first novel at age 11 when—after having been a Nancy Drew fan for a number of years—she put pen to paper to plot a daring diamond heist—in narrative only, of course. The book, entitled Suzanne and her Pals at Mystery Cove, was lost over the course of time, but Christine never lost her passion for reading and story-telling.

Over the years, Christine worked in banking, production accounting in the oil industry, dispatching and office management, bookkeeping, and municipal government. She holds certificates in Payroll Administration and Local Authority Administration (NACLAA). However, her passion for the written word has never waned.

For Christine there is nothing more fascinating than the endless potential presented by a star-studded sky; little more enthralling than a gripping mystery or suspenseful intrigue; and nothing more heart-warming than the triumphant conclusion to a turbulent romantic relationship. With those compelling interests, what career could possibly be more suitable than that of a writer?

She began writing seriously for publication after the birth of her son when she and a friend  teamed up to write their first novel, To Share a Sunset, which was picked up by Dorchester Publishing of New York for publication. The partnership dissolved when Christine’s friend moved to another city and Christine began her solo career with the publication of her futuristic romance novel, Ascent to the Stars. She went on to write a number of novels in various sub-genres of romance: futuristic, Western historical, and suspense that were published by Dorchester Publishing and Harlequin/Silhouette. Her suspense novel, Danger’s Kiss, won first place in the “Heart of Romance” competition, named Best Single Title Contemporary, and her next romantic suspense, A Season of Miracles, also triumphed when it won second place in the competition.

Christine is of Scottish descent on her mother’s side (the Rose clan), and French descent on her father’s side. The oldest of three children, she was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She currently lives on the Canadian prairies near Medicine Hat, Alberta with her husband and two finicky Pomeranians.

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